What is Softretch(TM) ?

What is Softretch(TM) ?

Softretch ™: The Ultra Premium Fabric That Will Change the Way You Dress

When it comes to comfortable and functional clothing, the fabric you choose can make all the difference. Softretch is a new and innovative fabric that combines the softness of cotton with the stretch and durability of spandex. This ultra premium blend is revolutionizing the way we think about fabric, and it's time you learned more about this game-changing material.

What is Softretch?

Softretch is a fabric blend made of 82% Nylon and 18% spandex. This blend creates a fabric that is both soft and stretchy, making it perfect for clothing that needs to move with you. Whether you're running errands, hitting the gym, or just lounging around the house, Softretch will keep you comfortable and feeling great all day long.

Why is Softretch Better than Other Fabrics?

There are a few key reasons why Softretch is better than other fabrics on the market:

Softness: Softretch is incredibly soft to the touch, making it perfect for clothing that will be in direct contact with your skin.

Durability: Softretch is also incredibly durable, making it perfect for clothing that will be worn often or for activewear.

Stretch: Softretch has a high level of stretch, which makes it ideal for clothing that needs to move with your body. This fabric will stretch and move with you, without becoming saggy or baggy.

Wrinkle-Resistant: Softretch is wrinkle-resistant, so it's perfect for travel, work, and everyday life.

Breathable: Softretch is breathable, which makes it perfect for clothing that will be worn in warm weather.

Easy Care: Softretch is easy to care for, as it is machine-washable and can be tumble-dried on low.

Where to Find Softretch Clothing Softretch is our new trademarked fabric, so it exclusively a part of the RYZ range.

In conclusion, Softretch is an ultra premium fabric that will change the way you think about clothing. It is soft, stretchy, durable, wrinkle-resistant, breathable and easy to care, which makes it perfect for activewear, workwear, and everyday wear.

Give it a try and you'll never want to wear anything else.


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